• Matt Windsor

January Update – 65%

Hi folks, We want to turn your attention to two important developments:

1. Wycliffe’s Word Alive magazine just published a new issue all about the Cree initiative. (Follow the link at the bottom of each story to go to the next – the whole issue is on the Cree Initiative). This is essential reading for anyone who wants to

2. Our support level has increased to 65%!    In the last few months we’ve been investing time in getting to know churches on the island and in our community, and we’ve had the privilege of partnering with several new church communities. We would love to reach 100% by the time we leave for Guelph in April to help run the next workshop for the Cree Initiative translators.

Our remaining 35% could be met if 30 more people partner with us at $100/mo (or 60 people at $50/mo). Annual donations count too. Just let us know your intentions!

We’re excited to see what God is going to do in the next couple months.