• Matt Windsor

Vision Building on Vancouver Island

Dear friends and partners in Bible translation,

Thank you for your support as we’ve continued to share about Bible translation in Canada with churches and families on Vancouver Island. Some highlights of the last month included:

  1. working with a friend who is a local videographer to produce a short video explaining the basics of our work

  2. sharing at Living Hope Fellowship where we were given a warm reception and were able to connect with lots of interested people

  3. speaking at a “missions Sunday” at our church

  4. preaching at Bay Community (“Praying like the Oppressed” Lk 18:1-8)

  5. visiting First Baptist Church in Vancouver

One  of Wycliffe’s journalism teams came to spend some time with us in October and take some pictures. Here’s us at the front of our church’s property.

This month we helped Caitlin’s parents move from her childhood house. They only had a couple weeks between selling and the closing date, and of course I sprained my ankle moving a bed right at the beginning of the moving weekend! And we were both sick for about a week afterward. Blech. Mom and dad made it though and we had a late thanksgiving in the new place after everything settled.

Luckily, we had Hazel to take good care of us with lots of wiggles and giggles and even her first steps! She currently likes puppies, sitting on my shoulders, her ostrich, and each time mommy appears in a doorway. Her favourite words are mum, dada, na, dat, ahble-babble-babble (made with the back of her wrist), and ɬɬa (put your tongue in a “l” position and blow air past it).

Upcoming Events

Our November/December schedule is filling up quickly! Please pray for these events as they happen, or come out to see us if we’re coming to your area:

Nov 27 – Canvas Church, Victoria (Bear Mountain)

Dec 4 – West Village Church, Victoria (Langford)

Dec 11 – Cumberland Community Church

Financial Update We have mixed news in this department. While our progress in raising financial and prayer partners has moved ahead steadily, our overall budget (which is our fundraising goal) was raised by about 15% by Wycliffe. This change was due to cost of living increases, as well as organization-wide salary adjustments resulting from Wycliffe’s decision to relinquish its “religious order” status several years ago. So with our goal a little further away, we’re now at 46% raised (we went from 50% to 35% and are now back up to 46%). This all felt rather disappointing at first, but we trust God’s hand in this – we’re dependent on Him for the provision for our work no matter what the goal is. In the long run it’s better to be building solid partnerships on the front end of our ministry, while we’re living in BC, and we see God using this time to build a vision for Bible translation in the Comox Valley as we head into winter.

How to Pray for Bible Translation in Canada

This week I was challenged by Jesus’ parable of the “persistent widow,” who keeps pleading with a judge to grant her justice. Jesus knew his church would be oppressed, and he tells us to keep praying like the oppressed widow: cry out to God from your heart day and night, don’t give up, and take hope that he will grant justice. I don’t personally feel physically or spiritually oppressed, but I can show solidarity with the oppressed church around the world and in Canada by praying. And if you want to pray with us in person, come on out to our house Tuesday mornings at 10:30am!

For the Naskapi Project:

  1. Pray for current Naskapi translators Silas & Tshiuetin as they finish Exodus and keep working on the Old Testament.

  2. Pray for Ruby and other administrators as they consider the prospect of hiring new Naskapi translators to accelerate translation.

For the Kingfisher Lake Project:

  1. Pray for Oji-Cree translators Ruth K, Ruth M, Zipporah, Jesse, Theresa and Dominick. In October they completed a workshop that focused on translating names, flora and fauna among other things.

For us:

  1. Praise God! We’ve been feeling a renewed sense of freedom in our walk with God as we continue to follow him in ways we find challenging and recognize our dependence on him.

  2. We have a busy couple weeks coming up: please pray that God would connect us with the people he has in mind and work through those relationships. Pray also for the simple mechanics of traveling and sleeping in different places with our ten-month-old Hazel.

For the larger Cree Initiative:

  1. Pray for indigenous bishops like Rt Rv Lydia Mamakwa and Rt Rev Mark Macdonald as they speak with leaders and explore the possibility of Bible translations into Swampy Cree (spoken in Ontario, including Attawapiskat) and Woods Cree (Manitoba & Saskatchewan).

  2. Pray for Bill & Norma Jean Jancewicz, Wycliffe linguists who are currently spread thin supporting the Naskapi, Oji-Cree and Plains Cree translation projects. This month they are touring the East Coast of the states building vision in churches and expanding their partnerships.

  3. Meg Billingsley is a Wycliffe linguist currently transitioning into a translation consultant role for Bible translation projects in Canada. Pray with us that she would find appropriate housing in the next few weeks in southern Ontario where she will be based.

Thanks for all your support!

Love Matt, Caitlin & Hazel

If you’d like to support our work financially but you’d like to wait until we go, that’s fine, but please let us know now so your pledged support can count towards our percentage raised! If you’d like to support us in the meantime while we save for upfront costs and cover current living expenses, there’s a form available here (just put our names, Matt & Caitlin Windsor, under “Wycliffe members”). Wycliffe has a new website and donation system coming down the pipe, which should make things smoother in the future. Thanks!